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Anyone with children I highly recommend Dr. Maron

“My daughter is 4 years old and had a tremendous amount of cavities. I took her to several dentists in the area and none of them could help me. I finally took her to Dr. Maron because I trusted him and knew he could do an excellent job. Four visits later my daughter is all fixed and had a overall great experience. Dr. Maron was my childhood dentist and I can never remember a time that he caused me pain or discomfort. The reason I stopped going to him was because I couldn’t afford it without insurance. Dr. Maron and his staff are wonderful. Anyone with children I highly recommend Dr. Maron. He has such a great bed side manner and talks to the child as much as he does the parent to inform them what he will be doing.”

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Did you know?

Dr. Maron is one of only four Masters of the Academy of General Dentistry who practice in Dutchess County.


Affordable dentistry

Patients have come to our office with treatment plans from other offices that would cost thousnds of dollars. We try to find the treatment that is best for the patient—not the most expensive option!.


Office location

Dr. Fred S. Maron

541 Haight Avenue
Poughkeepsie, New York

Phone: (845) 454-0380
FAX: (845) 454-2320


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Consistent care

Unlike group dental practices, where you might see a different dentist every year, you see Dr. Maron every time.


Did you know?

Dr. Maron takes courses all over the world to stay current with new dental materials and techniques.


Emergency care

Dr. Maron tries to see emergency dental patients during office hours on the same day the problem occurs. If you have a dental emergency, call early in the day.

If your emergency occurs after office hours, call our office for instructions on how to reach Dr. Maron.