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Fred Maron is the dentist to see

"Fred Maron is the dentist to see! Over thirty years ago, he was recommended to me by two different medical practitioners. Having grown up with a dental phobia, but knowing it was time to stop avoiding dental work, I finally made an appointment with Dr. Maron. From the beginning, the experience was top notch: the office personnel couldn't have been friendlier and, interestingly enough, many of the original staff members continue to work there. Few workplaces can claim that sort of loyalty. Dr. Maron himself was friendly and understanding about my problem and made excellent suggestions as to how to cope with my anxiety about dental procedures. His ideas worked—since I started seeing Dr. Maron, I have never missed a dental appointment and experience no anxiety whatsoever. Most important, his skill is top notch; and he continues to keep up with current dental practices through the many professional seminars and courses he attends year after year." 

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Did you know?

Dr. Maron is one of only four Masters of the Academy of General Dentistry who practice in Dutchess County.


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Patients have come to our office with treatment plans from other offices that would cost thousnds of dollars. We try to find the treatment that is best for the patient—not the most expensive option!.