General Dentistry, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, Hudson Valley, New York 12603

Dr. Maron's dental office

Dr. Maron's Poughkeepsie dental office waiting room with natural lighting, contemporary furnishings, and a children's corner

Our spacious waiting room has natural lighting, contemporary furnishings, a children’s corner, and Wi-Fi

We want your visit to our dental office to be as enjoyable as possible. To this end we provide an attractive, comfortable environment with the latest technology, which enables us to give you the best experience we can.


Office location

Dr. Fred S. Maron

541 Haight Avenue
Poughkeepsie, New York

Phone: (845) 454-0380
FAX: (845) 454-2320


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Wheelchair accessible

Our office has a wheelchair-accessible entrance and bathroom.


"I have been to other dentists over the past many years, but I think Dr. Maron is absolutely the best. No pain. Modern techniques. Superclean office. Wonderful staff."


Did you know?

The waterlines for our drills use a special additive to kill any bacteria in the waterline.


"He is constantly updating his equipment and techniques. I currently live in the City and come back to see him because he is the best."