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Tooth preservation

Patient's tooth before getting sealant

arrow_up Patient's tooth before sealant

Patient's tooth after getting sealant

arrow_up Patient's tooth after sealant

As a preventive dentistry practice, we strive to save your natural teeth and prevent gum disease. Dr. Maron uses the following treatments to accomplish these goals:

  • Sealants—Teeth have deep grooves in the biting surface, which are susceptible to decay. In fact, 80 percent of cavities form in these grooves. We seal teeth by cleaning out the grooves and then flowing plastic (called sealant) into these grooves. Patients who have sealants may never have cavities in these teeth as long as they properly maintain them. We evaluate the status of sealants in all adult and baby teeth at every visit.
  • Root canal therapy—If the nerve of the tooth becomes infected or irreparably damaged, the nerve will die. To preserve the tooth and counter pain and infection, Dr. Maron performs root canal therapy. He removes the infected nerve tissue and seals the nerve space with rubber. The tooth will no longer be alive; however, it will be functional. Although root canal therapy is the subject of many jokes, new techniques have made it a usually painless and reliable procedure.
  • Implantable antibiotics for gum disease—In localized infected areas of the gum, we can insert an antibiotic. This yellow powder contains a time-released antibiotic that kills bacteria in 7-10 days.
  • Evaluation of tooth wear—Dr. Maron looks for loss of tooth structure. Patients can lose tooth structure due to excess acid, grinding of teeth, or excessive wear from tooth brushing with a toothpaste. He may recommend a low abrasion toothpaste such as Pronamel, seeing a physician for antacid medications, or wearing an appliance at night to protect the teeth.

For more information, see our FAQs on tooth and gum problems.


"Dr. Maron and his staff are wonderful. Anyone with children I highly recommend Dr. Maron."


Emergency care

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"The root canal work was 100% painless and no pain relievers afterward. It was an absolute non-event. I am so lucky to have found Fred Maron."


Did you know?

Sealants last longer (sometimes more than 20 years) with our precise placement technique.