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Restorative dentistry

Patient's teeth before getting plastic fillings

arrow_up Teeth before getting plastic fillings

Patient's teeth after getting plastic fillings

arrow_up Teeth after getting plastic fillings

Tooth decay has significantly diminished over the years due to fluoride use and healthier diets. However, teeth are still susceptible to decay, infection, and breakage and sometimes need to be restored back to health. Dr. Maron restores teeth using white plastic fillings and white glass iononer fillings.

  • White plastic fillings—Also known as composites because they are made of tooth-colored composite resin, these fillings are ideal for new cavities or for replacing old fillings. Dr. Maron fills the prepared tooth, uses a curing light to harden the plastic, then shapes and polishes the restoration. Not only will this filling resist decay, restore strength, and provide insulation to the tooth, but it will also be esthetically pleasing.

Dr. Maron tries not to use silver fillings (also known as amalgams) because they do not adhere to teeth, they can be sensitive to cold, and they are ugly. Also, silver fillings act as wedges, fracturing teeth over time.

  • White glass iononer fillings—In patients with a high number of gumline cavities, we use filling material that gives off fluoride. The fluoride leaked by glass iononers helps prevent the recurrence of decay at the margins of the filling.


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Emergency care

We normally can see emergency dental patients within 24 hours.


Did you know?

Our office uses an amalgam separator to prevent the old fillings from entering the public water system.