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Dr. Maron's dental staff

Our dedicated dental staff brings years of training and experience to the practice. Not only are they skilled in their respective fields, but they are also knowledgeable about our office and patients, having worked together as a team for many years. They are attentive to your personal needs and strive to make your visit comfortable.

Administrative team

Administrative team (Pat) at Dr. Maron's dental officeAdministrative team (Mary) at Dr. Maron's dental office

arrow_up Administrative team: Pat (top) and Mary (bottom)

Pat and Mary are the friendly voices that you hear when you call our office. They have been with our office for 40 years. Both are experts at dealing with insurance companies. They know the new technology required to submit insurance claims, digital x-rays, intraoral photos, and other information electronically. They also treat our patients as family. When you have a dental problem, they can usually schedule an appointment the same day.

Dental assisting team

Dental assisting team (Joann) at Dr. Maron's officeDental assisting team (Lena) at Dr. Maron's office

arrow_up Dental assisting team: Joann (top) and Lena (bottom)

Joann and Lena are dental assistants in our office. Joann has been with us for more than 30 years, and Lena has been with us for more than 10 years. They sterilize our instruments, clean and prepare the treatment rooms for your visits, and assist Dr. Maron as he works on you. They also take your digital x-rays and make your retainers after Invisalign® orthodontics. Their most important job, however, is to ensure your comfort during treatment.


Hygiene team

maron dental hygiene michelle newer
arrow_up Michelle
maron dental hygiene debbie new
arrow_up Debbie
maron dental hygiene mary new
arrow_up Mary


Our office has two hygienists every day. They are all well trained and follow an office protocol. Most of them have worked with us for more than 20 years. Our hygienists clean your teeth; measure your gums; take x-rays; insert antibacterial medications into your gums; and evaluate your mouth for advanced treatments such as Invisalign®, Perio Protect®, and tooth whitening. Several of our hygienists are certified to give injections and administer nitrous oxide.


Dr. Maron and his staff have 5-star ratings on Google, Yelp, RateMds, Wellness, and Healthgrades.




Our Solutionreach™ software will send you e-mail and text message reminders 1 week, 1 day, and 2 hours before your appointment. We can also customize the reminders to your preference.

If you want e-mail reminders from our office, you may have to set your spam software to allow Solutionreach.


"Gentle and painless. Excellent, friendly staff. "


Affordable dentistry

Other offices take routine x-rays every 6-12 months because insurance will pay for them. We take routine x-rays every two years. Less cost and less radiation!


"From the very friendly and knowledgeable staff that greets you and handles your claims to the cutting-edge dentistry and overall great bedside manner of Dr. Maron, it is without compare."